Sustainability is of fundamental importance to the Underground Mining platform and is an integral part of all operations. Like all Murray & Roberts companies, sustainable development encompasses the commitment of all Group companies and is embodied in our attitude towards Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ), which is contained in our sustainability policy.


People remain our most valuable asset, and the safety of employees and stakeholders is not negotiable. We believe that our people and others impacted by our activities are entitled to a safe, healthy and productive life in harmony with nature.

Stop.Think.Act.24/7 is a widely recognised Murray & Roberts health and safety brand aimed at educating and motivating employees to take responsibility for their own and their colleagues’ safety at home and in the work environment.

“Act” emphasises the importance of taking action to correct unsafe conditions and behaviours, as well as recognising positive behaviour, whilst “24/7” highlights the need for safety awareness at all times whether at work or at home.

The Zero Harm through Effective Leadership programme aims to establish consistency in leadership interactions across the Group, to increase the leadership visibility and to actively build a safety culture.

Safety and performance go hand in hand. Each person’s accountability and responsibility to ensure safety is a tenet of our philosophy and employees are consistently encouraged to “do it right, first time, safely”.


Employee wellness is of prime importance and we have adopted a holistic approach to all aspects of health. Regular screening of employees ensures early detection of potential occupational diseases and all new employees are evaluated for fitness before being employed.


Underground Mining platform companies adopt a proactive environmental management policy to minimise any potentially negative impact by our businesses on the environment.

The Group implements industry best practices and leads through example in assuming the accountability and responsibility required of highly respected corporate citizens.


Quality has always formed the foundation of all our operations, projects and contracts. We are committed to provide quality of service and this is acknowledged by our clients.

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